The big reveal: GIFA sets date for long-awaited press release on its big investments

Finance enthusiasts from all across the world are anxiously awaiting the affirmation of the alleged big investments made by GIFA. The financial chain’s Press Consultant has finally set the date of when all is to be uncovered.

Pictured beside the company’s VIP board members, GIFA President Yusuf Kisa was deliberating over the official announcement.

The Press Consultant revealed: “GIFA is excited to be issuing an official press release in May, concerning the company’s position on the financial market and our recent investments. We expect that our statement will respond to many questions and speculations surrounding our ventures. We will particularly address the subject of the US Stock Exchange.”    

Followers of the financial market have been eager to discover how the company has reached the top of the charts, with theories including highly-important investments and business deals.