GIFA Holding President's bid to save CAS from closure

In desperate times, Government-owned Cyprus Airport Services are reportedly facing liquidation with 137 employees at risk of losing their jobs. President of the GIFA Holding chain of companies, Yusuf Kisa, makes an offer to rescue the business...

CAS, providing air travel and cargo services, are in the midst of a critical financial crisis leading to the company’s possible closure. 137 employees are at risk of late payment and redundancy by the end of the month.

President of GIFA Holding, with numerous successful businesses to his name, has announced his offer to buy and revive the company in order to save the jobs of all its employees.    

Yusuf Kisa has reportedly reviewed the unfortunate position of CAS and is willing to help. The entrepeneur has caught the attention of the media on several occasions in the past for his generous donations and sponsorships to various charities, organisations and aspirational individuals.

Representatives of CAS have yet to comment, however the matter is currently being discussed with Cypriot parliamentarians.