Gifa Holding has announced its 2017 credit limit target

The written statement from Gifa Holding stated that it provided 7 billion to 100 million euros credit counseling in 2016 and it is aimed to increase it to 14 billion euros in the new year.

According to statements in the explanations, GIFA evaluating the credit demands of Iran, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and other countries has started to increase the credit limit of the new year taking into account of the business world. GIFA, which is in cooperation with international huge banks, will evaluate the requests from the investors and will provide support to the investors in providing important loans this year. In addition to the credit counseling services, Forex will also be on the forefront in the new year. GIFA Forex gives customers guarantees as security from the other competitors. GIFA Forex is offering 6 different contract options to its customers for 6 months and 1 year, and will give a fixed profit share of  5% per month in this direction and the dividends will be paid in Turkish Lira. GIFA, which also offers customers the opportunity to withdraw their money at the end of the 6th month, it will make a big profit for their investors in 2017.

Karpaz will have a call center with 500 staff members

It is stated that in the continuation of the explanation, the employment areas in the new year are planned to be maintained in different sectors. In this direction, it is reported that they are starting to establish a call center in the Karpaz region of the TRNC. The following statements were included in the explanation: "It has started to work with the Ministry of Public Works and Transport for the development of these areas and the reduction of unemployment by opening an employment area of 500 people, which is planned to be started soon after the completion of the infrastructure works of the call center."