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Below are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) asked by some of our international clients about Gifa Inc., a consulting company:

A: Gifa Inc. offers a wide range of consulting services to businesses. This includes strategic planning, media and market research, Airline representation, real estate, property management, and more. We aim to assist companies in achieving their goals and maximizing their potential and profits.

A: Yes! At Gifa Inc, we believe in a client-centric approach. We begin by thoroughly understanding the unique needs and challenges of our clients. This allows us to tailor our consulting solutions to their specific requirements. We work collaboratively with our international clients, providing expert guidance and support throughout the process.

A: Absolutely! Gifa Inc. recognizes the importance of startups and small businesses in driving innovation and economic growth. We offer specialized consulting services tailored to the needs of startups, including business planning, market entry strategies, funding assistance, and scalability guidance.

A: Yes, client confidentiality is of utmost importance to us at Gifa Inc. We adhere to strict privacy and confidentiality policies to safeguard our clients' sensitive information. Rest assured that any data shared with us will be handled with the highest level of discretion and security.

A: We offer a comprehensive range of real estate services. Our property search service assists clients in finding residential, commercial, and investment properties that meet their specific criteria. We also identify and facilitate lucrative real estate investment opportunities, guiding clients through the acquisition process. Our property appraisal and valuation services ensure accurate assessments for fair market pricing and informed decision-making. Additionally, we provide property management services, handling tenant relations, maintenance, rent collection, and financial reporting on behalf of property owners. Our goal is to provide a full suite of services to meet all your real estate needs.

A:  We take a personalized approach to understanding your business' challenges, and opportunities. Our expert consultants work closely with you to develop and implement customized strategies that drive growth, optimize business operations, and maximize profitability.

A: Yes, foreigners can invest in Northern Cyprus, the country is known for its affordable property prices, making it an attractive option for investors seeking high value for their money. Additionally, the area boasts high rental yields, providing a lucrative income stream for property owners.  Furthermore, Northern Cyprus provides tax incentives for property investors, adding a significant advantage for real estate investors.

A: Gifa Inc has expertise in various industries, including but not limited to technology, transportation, supply chain demand, real estate, media, tourism, and hospitality. We have a diverse team of consultants with specialized knowledge and experience in these sectors. Your satisfaction is our priority!

A: The consultants at Gifa Inc. possess a wealth of experience and expertise. They come from diverse professional backgrounds and have a track record of success in their respective fields. Our consultants undergo rigorous training and stay updated with the latest industry trends to provide the best possible guidance to our clients.

A: To engage Gifa Inc. for consulting services, simply reach out to our team through our website, email, or phone. We will be happy to discuss your needs, provide a customized proposal, and outline the next steps for initiating the engagement.

A: If you are interested in exploring career opportunities with Gifa Inc., I recommend you to check out our website's career section or visit our HR department directly. You will find the most up-to-date information regarding job openings, requirements, and application procedures. Additionally, don't forget to sign up for job alerts to stay updated on job postings from Gifa Inc.

A:  Due to confidentiality agreements with our clients, we cannot publicly disclose the specific airlines we represent. However, we have a proven track record of working with big entities and forming partnerships with major airlines operating in the region.  Our airline representation services typically encompass various activities designed to support an airline's operations, marketing, and customer service.

A:  We can guide you through the entire process, ensuring you meet all legal requirements. Our team will provide comprehensive advice on ownership rights including title deed ownership, taxes, and other legal aspects to ensure a smooth and secure property purchase. For more information, please contact us at


A: Absolutely! We have a wide network of contacts and access to a comprehensive database of properties for sale and rent in Northern Cyprus. Share your budget, preferences, and desired location with us, and we'll work diligently to find the perfect property for you. For more information, please contact us at


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